Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Flew over to Pete Ross' new house. He lives on an airstrip. Taxied over to his driveway and parked the planes. PZ is on the right. 6AM (Hans' plane) is the blue one. Pete's is the red and white one in the back.

Flew over Halibut Cove.

On the way to Seldovia for lunch with Amanda. Hans flew over with Veronica.

Avionics Improvements

Ben Stedman ripped apart the inards of the instrument panel. Added manifold pressure, CHT, and Spidertracks. It was all back together in about 2 hours with the new instruments.

Iditarod 2011

Parked on Crystal Lake to watch the dog-sled teams go by. Thanks to Hans for hosting another great Iditarod party at his cabin.