Sunday, April 10, 2016

Alaska Range Ski Flying

Here are some video clips and photos put together in a short movie.  Music Credit - Collective Soul, "The World I Know"

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Prism Kite Technology in the Alaska Range

While Mark Reed from Prism Designs and Prism Kite Technology was here, we decided to fly up into the Alaska Range to see how the kites would fly.  Mark has been to Alaska numerous times in his Glasair Sportsman which he built himself.  Mark took all of these photos and told me that I could post them here.

Check out his website at:

His current website is great, but he is in the middle of redesigning the site to make it even better with new photos and the ability to order direct from the factory.

Mark looking out at the stunning mountains of the Alaska Range.  The snow was deep and we needed our snowshoes to get around.

 Just another typical day ski flying in the mountains.

Preparing for launch.  Stick the tail of the kite in the snow.....walk out some line.....give a little tug on the line and up she goes.

Tweaking the bridle.  That's kite speak for messing with some lines that connect some more lines together that make the kite fly.

Mark might have a few photos that are good enough to make it into his website.  One can always hope.

Landed in a bowl at 4500'.  

Kenai Mountains in Huskys

Mark Reed was here visiting for the State Squash Tournament.  We did a little bit of flying while he was here.  On this day, we met up with Hans Hanson in his Husky.  Flew up to the Kenai Mountains and into Iceberg Lake, down Skilak Glacier and back to Soldotna.

Photo credit:  Mark Reed

 Photo credit:  Mark Reed

2016 Prism Designs Alaska State Squash Tournament

The 2016 Alaska State Squash Tournament was held in Soldotna this year.  Thank you to Central Peninsula Hospital and the Behavior Health Department for contributing to a successful event.  New LED lights were installed and chairs were donated. 

This year we were fortunate enough to have a sponsor.  Prism Designs is a company that manufactures high-performance kites (Prism Kites).  The company donated several different models of their kites as prizes in each tournament division.  Mark Reed, the owner and CEO, happens to be a squash player who travels from Seattle each year to show the Alaskans how squash is played in the lower 48.  Mark has taken the trophy 3 years running. 

There was a lot of squash played throughout the weekend and everyone played well.  Players joined us from Palmer, Anchorage, Eagle River and Seattle.  Thank you to all who participated and helped to pull off a great event.

Open  Division
Winner - Mark Reed
Runner up - Leaf Robinson

Open Consolation
Winner - John Bramante
Runner up - Brendan Costello

Intermediate Division
Winner - BJ Stone
Runner up - Ryan Gale

Novice Division
Winner - Ivan Hodes
Runner up - Jackie Thurbee

Here is a photo of Leaf (left) wearing some big hair to look like Danny Romman (right) who is a ringer for current world number 10 Tarek Momen from Egypt.  Tarek is often referred to as T-Mo.  Danny is D-Ro.

D-Mo (Danny) had to withdraw with a shoulder injury.  BJ Stone took Danny's spot in the lineup and played in the intermediate division.  As you can see, BJ (green shirt) is wearing the big hair in honor of D-Ro.

Here is a photo of many of the players.  Notice the Prism decal on the tin.

Players posing with the Prism Kites that were given out as prizes.

The 2017 State Tournament will be held in Palmer at the Moosewood Squash Court.  I suspect several Alaskans are already training to bring the trophy back to Alaska.  Big Thanks again to our sponsor and friend Mark Reed from Prism Designs.  Please visit his website at: