Saturday, October 17, 2009

Gregg and Hans Tour Alaska

Landed in Galena. After fueling, Hans thought he had fuel leaking from his cowling. He pulled the plane apart and looked around, but didn't find anything concerning. About the time he put the plane back together, a very impressive thunderstorm passed through and forced us to sit for a good 20 min while the rain passed through. Several inches of rain must have dumped on us.

Had to punch through a few holes.

We departed Nome in search of better weather. Our plan to head north to Kotzebue did not work out, so we headed back to Galena.

The rock wall overlooking the ocean.

House of Bargains. You got that right!

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Diane said...

That weather does not look good. Are those little houses in Galena? Wow! There sure are some lonely little places up that way, aren't there? Have a good Sunday.