Sunday, September 16, 2012

180PZ at Doubtful Creek

Found a photo that I had given to  It is from a trip to the Wrangells last fall that I took with Pierre Josefsohn and Chris Hodel.  One of the most beautiful places in Alaska.

Saturday, September 15, 2012


Guinness in the Wrangell St Elias National Park

Red Salmon Fishing

 Richard and Vickie Geer invited me to fish with them at their spot on the Kenai River

Gene and Jessica Quinn

Amanda and I took Gene and Jessica Quinn flying to the west side of Cook Inlet. 

 Flew by Mt Redoubt

Saw a few bears 

Perfect weather in Tuxedni Bay

Tuxedni Glacier

If you can fit it in it will fly

Our friend Ben Stedman was in Seldovia with his mother hanging with Ben's sister Lisa.  Ben and his mom needed a lift from Seldovia to Homer and were planning on taking the ferry, but Amanda and I decided to fly them back in the Skywagon.  We get to Seldovia and start packing everything into the plane.  Luggage, bags, cooler with fish, computer, oh...and a bicycle.  Ben's mom sat in the front with me.  Amanda and Ben sat in the back.  The baggage area was filled to the ceiling with stuff.  The plane has never been so full.  I guess it's true what they say about Skywagons: "if you can fit it in, it will fly."

Skywagons to Seldovia

Took the skywagon to Seldovia last May with Geno and Judy Rohl.  They are flying in their new-to-them Cessna 180. 

 The Seldovia Slough

 Geno and Judy Rohl

 The Skywagons parked on the ramp.

McDonald Spit

 The Homer Spit

Mt Redoubt on the flight home

Helicopter Ride to Seldovia

 Amanda and I went to Homer for the weekend with Hans and Mikki.  While in Homer we met our friends George and Charlie for breakfast.  We mentioned to them that we were trying to get to Seldovia but that the ferry schedule wasn't working in our favor.  George offered to fly us to Seldovia in their brand new Bell 407 helicopter.
 Here is George, the copilot.  His wife Charlie was our official pilot.
Mikki and Amanda getting ready for the flight.  Excited?
 Hans taking pictures as we flew over some property he was thinking of buying in Seldovia bay.
 Standing in front of the helicopter as George and Charlie were warming up the engine.
Watching as the heli lifts off for Homer.

Mt Redoubt

Flew to Mt Redoubt with Richard Kelso