Saturday, October 17, 2009

Gregg and Hans Tour Alaska

Landed in Galena. After fueling, Hans thought he had fuel leaking from his cowling. He pulled the plane apart and looked around, but didn't find anything concerning. About the time he put the plane back together, a very impressive thunderstorm passed through and forced us to sit for a good 20 min while the rain passed through. Several inches of rain must have dumped on us.

Had to punch through a few holes.

We departed Nome in search of better weather. Our plan to head north to Kotzebue did not work out, so we headed back to Galena.

The rock wall overlooking the ocean.

House of Bargains. You got that right!

Gregg and Hans Tour Alaska

Had to throw in the photo of the Hanson Trading Co. Hans must have roots here.

Here's the bus stop.

The best photo oportunity in Nome.

The innards of the Nugget Inn. The quaint lobby had us hoping for something better than the rumors. I couldn't take a picture of the room, it was that bad. I will say that it didn't leak during the storm that night.

We made it to the Nugget Inn. Looks interesting.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Gregg and Hans Tour Alaska

This is us walking from the Aurora to the Nugget Inn. Looks nice down that way doesn't it?

Safely tied down in Nome. The airport is secured and there really was no way for us to camp with the planes, so we packed our gear and walked into the Flight Service Station for a weather update and info on local accommodations. The weather briefer was nice and told us that while there may be several hotels in town, the only place to stay that was decent was the Aurora Inn. He called a cab for us and we went outside to wait. When the cab arrived we got in and told the driver to take us to the Aurora Inn. He told us he had to make one more stop for more customers on the way in to town. We stopped by the commercial terminal and picked up about four more people; three pleasant Alaska-native women, and one drunken native man who was clearly in need of a shower and a nap. The three women wanted to go to the Aurora (good choice), and the man wanted to go to the Nugget Inn (had not heard of the Nugget Inn, but according to the weather briefer, "don't go anywhere but Aurora"). We pull up to the Aurora Inn (very nice) and stand at the counter. The nice man behind the counter listens to our request for a room without a reservation. He and the other guy behind the counter laugh to themselves as they tell us that they are filled to capacity and have no rooms to offer. The now not-so-nice man behind the counter says we might try ......the Nugget Inn............

White Mountain, Alaska

Just scenery

The Darby Mountains enroute to Nome had some strange rock formations. Golovin Bay in the background.