Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Gregg, Hans, Pete, and Chance Tour Alaska

Manley Hot Springs

Just after flying to Manley from Bettles

Pete and Chance about to land on a gravel bar in the Brooks Range

Sunset in Bettles


Diane said...

I've been looking at all these great pictures, Gregg. When I blow them up they're just amazing. I love the sunset at Bettles, the Yukon River, what are the shoes doing outside of the plane? And what is that black thing in the last picture outside of Bettles? It looks like a tank or a black airplane of some sort. Love your pictures. Thanks for the nice call. Diane

Diane said...

Oops, I meant sunset at Chicken, Alaska. What a funny name - I wonder what's behind that!

josh said...

Impressive Gregg, looks like a great trip with pretty good weather! What an amazing state this is.