Saturday, April 9, 2016

Prism Kite Technology in the Alaska Range

While Mark Reed from Prism Designs and Prism Kite Technology was here, we decided to fly up into the Alaska Range to see how the kites would fly.  Mark has been to Alaska numerous times in his Glasair Sportsman which he built himself.  Mark took all of these photos and told me that I could post them here.

Check out his website at:

His current website is great, but he is in the middle of redesigning the site to make it even better with new photos and the ability to order direct from the factory.

Mark looking out at the stunning mountains of the Alaska Range.  The snow was deep and we needed our snowshoes to get around.

 Just another typical day ski flying in the mountains.

Preparing for launch.  Stick the tail of the kite in the snow.....walk out some line.....give a little tug on the line and up she goes.

Tweaking the bridle.  That's kite speak for messing with some lines that connect some more lines together that make the kite fly.

Mark might have a few photos that are good enough to make it into his website.  One can always hope.

Landed in a bowl at 4500'.  

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Diane said...

I've heard about a lot of this. It's really great to see the posts, squash, the kites, the planes. Thanks for posting, Gregg.