Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Bettles Run

The beautiful weather north of the Alaska Range called out to us this weekend.  Pierre Josefsohn took the lead in his Husky and launched for Bettles mid day on Saturday.  Amanda and I joined him for dinner after leaving a few hours later in the 185.  Pierre recently bought us a movie as a gift called Salt of the Earth about Sebastiao Salgado, a famous black and white photographer.  I was inspired to ditch the color this weekend and attempted to take a few photos in B&W.  Oh, and the northern lights were out each night dancing above us.

Flying through the Brooks Range from Bettles towards the Noatak River.

 Arrigetch Peaks

After flying towards Howard Pass, we flew on to Feniak Lake and Desperation Lake where we saw caribou and bears.

These caribou passed right in front of us.

 Amanda enjoying the sun above the arctic circle.

We flew along the Noatak River and down the Squirrel River to the Kobuk.  Then we headed for the dunes.  Here is Pierre on the Great Kobuk Sand Dunes.

 Sand on one side.  Forest on the other.  Wha?????

 Amanda walking the dunes.


Diane said...

Loved seeing these, Gregg. Thanks for posting. Love, Diane

aknor said...

Liked the b/w perspective, Gregg. Fun to see the dunes - I would like to visit them someday. You guys have had a great summer, haven't you?!