Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Earl Grey Tea

Amanda usually makes me a tea in the morning.  Fairly standard stuff.  An opaque mixture of Earl Grey tea with milk and sugar.  The tea bag is the kind that doesn’t have a string attached to it and Amanda usually leaves it in the tea and it sinks to the bottom.  This morning it seemed a bit off….no biggie.  Maybe a different brand of tea?  So I get to the bottom of my tea.  Usually the best part because the sugar has settled and it’s a bit sweeter.  In depths of the tea emerges this soggy curved misshapen mass that sloshes into my lip.  “What the -blank- is this?” I ask Amanda.  She looks at it and says, “Oh, that’s a doggie chew.  I was wondering where that went!”

1 comment:

Diane said...

That's funny, Gregg. For a while you'll probably be a little more cautious. Love this. Diane