Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Gregg and Hans Tour Alaska

We are having dinner on the John River. It's about 9 pm and we have just flown about 9 hours between Bettles, Barrow, and back. We considered staying the night on the gravel bar, but since Bettles was only about 10 min away, we decided to go where there was a place to eat breakfast and use the facilities.
Hans after landing on the John River. He's taxiing back towards me.

I landed on the John River. The rock was medium sized but reasonably smooth. Hans is making his final approach into the gravel bar.

Beautiful mountains.

More smoke on the way back through Anaktuvuk Pass.

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Diane said...

Where are you here? Is this still on the way to Bettles? Looks like you really were enjoying the whole experience.