Saturday, August 29, 2009

Gregg and Hans Tour Alaska

On our way to Galena, we left the Koyukuk river and headed south towards Galena which is on the north side of the Yukon river. This is my approach into Galena from the west.

The town of Hughes. We didn't stop here.

A rare photo out the right side of the airplane. Usually I take pictures out the left side.

Cub versus Husky. The debate rages on.

On the Koyukuk river. The rock was embedded into the ground like stone tiles.


Diane said...

Now I know what the Yukon River looks like. Thanks for the shots of those towns, too. Your picture of the two planes and your comment made me giggle. Have a great day. Love, D

josh said...

Great pictures, My parents started their Alaska teaching careers in Galena, it's good to see photo's of it now. Wish I could have been on the trip, each post gets better and better. Cub/Husky debate? Hans needs to come to his senses, haha!
Here's to a great fall,

Diane said...

On further inspection I think I see a lot of wish rocks embedded in that beach, too. Has Bean seen this?