Thursday, August 13, 2009

Gregg and Hans Tour Alaska

Safely down.

On our way back towards Umiat, I really wanted to land on the tundra. I tried to land in several areas, but the terrain was rather bumpy. I spotted a small hill that gave us an uphill landing (shorter rollout). Hans and I made several passes to make sure it felt good. Husky drivers seem to let the Cub drivers land first. George Mandes says this is because the Husky drivers are smarter. At any rate, I landed first and got a photo of Hans making his approach into the tundra.

The route towards Kotzebue was bad, so we had not other option than to head back to Bettles. This is on our way back to Umiat for more fuel.

The Real Land o' Lakes.

Here's the photo of Barrow through the airport fence. We were too cold to look for a way through the fence.

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Diane said...

So that's Barrow! Where do you suppose all those lines come and go to?